Baylee's 1889 Publications

‚ÄčFuneral Director and Embalmer Licensure in Oklahoma with Byron Schlomach briefly describes licensing of the funeral and embalming industry in Oklahoma. It finds no public interest justification for such licensing and recommends that the licensing statute be allowed to expire on its sunset date in 2020, if not repealed sooner.

Teacher Pay: Things to Consider and Do with Byron Schlomach looks at the costs of increasing Oklahoma's average teacher pay and how different raises will affect Oklahoma's position compared to other states. It recommends that if the state funds a teacher pay raise, that it be done through block-granting with transparency regarding who gets raises. Finally, it points out that districts have sufficient  resources to provide for substantial raises.

Teacher Pay: Facts to Consider with Byron Schlomach breaks down facts about Oklahoma's average teacher salary, considers how benefits might change generally-accepted teacher pay comparisons across states, cost of living, and inflation adjustments. Historical comparisons are also made, along with a discussion of facts regarding comparisons with other professions so that information on the issue is as full and accurate as possible.

Oklahoma's Teacher Supply: Shortage or Surplus? with Byron Schlomach reviews the evidence for a teacher shortage in the state and finds it wanting. At worst, the state has a shortage trivial in size. It might even have a surplus. Summary

Baylee Butler is Research Associate for the 1889 Institute. She has a B.A. in Psychology/ Liberal Studies and an undergraduate Honors Degreee and M.A. in Political Science, all at Oklahoma State University. Previously, she worked part-time for the Political Science department at OSU as both a Teaching and Research Assistant and also recently worked for the Payne County District Attorney's Office. In addition to being involved in the Free Enterprise Society at OSU, she is also a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, and an officer for the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature.