Education's Future involves technology used to customize the education experience for each and every student.

Public Education Issues

Education Regulationincludes the rules and regulations, statutory and bureaucratic, imposed on public schools of all types, including charter schools, private schools, and other educational alternatives.

Educational Choice encompasses a wide range of options beyond the traditional education monopoly of forcing children to attend schools according to where they live including: open enrollment, charter schools, education savings accounts, tax credit scholarships, and vouchers.

Teachers are impacted by many issues, including union membership, teacher pay, an alleged shortage of teachers in Oklahoma, certification/preparation, and federal requirements/mandates.

Public Education Finance in Oklahoma is a confusing and contentious issue. A better understanding of school finance is necessary for progress in education reform.

Curriculum is a source of conflict and debate in public education as the federal government attempts to assert its influence, cultural conflicts arise, and debates rage over what truly constitutes excellence.