Vance's 1889 Publications

Policy Maker's Guide to Evaluating Proposed and Existing Occupational Licensing Laws with Byron Schlomach describes only two conditions under which occupational licensing would be proper - real, high risk of physical harm and some type of civil-law or market failure. It recommends private certification as an alternative to licensing and recommends that licensing education requirements be eliminated (relying on exams and experience only) and licensing boards be reformed.

A Truly Universal Education Savings Account Proposal, Including Fiscal Implications with Byron Schlomach proposes a $4,500 ESA for every school-age child in Oklahoma that parents can supplement. It recommends specifics of what purchases are allowable under an ESA. It discusses how the program would be funded, how it would be administered, and academic accountability. Summary

Blueprint for Education Reform: Educational Choice and Empowered Public Schools lays out a vision for the future of education that is coming due to technological disruption of the current, outdated factory model. Policy must evolve by providing greater educational choice.

Designing an Education Savings Account 2016 with Byron Schlomach, provides a comprehensive framework for an Oklahoma ESA program - an update of an earlier publication. Summary

Certificates of Need: An Oklahoma CON that Needs Repealing with Byron Schlomach and Per Bylund, provides a brief history Certificates of Need (CON) in the U.S., Oklahoma's two CON laws, their economic effects, and recommends their repeal. Summary

Vance H. Fried is Riata Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University, Senior Fellow of the 1889 Institute, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute.  His research focuses on education policy, public policy and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in education, and venture capital.  He is the author of   Better/Cheaper College: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Rescuing Undergraduate Education, and related papers for the American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute and Heritage Foundation.  

Fried has published in several major journals including Academy of Management Perspectives, California Management Review, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Federal Communications Law Journal, Financial Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Small Business Management, and Journal of Private Equity.  Prior to joining the faculty at  Oklahoma State, Fried worked as an attorney in private practice, executive of an independent oil company, and investment banker working with small and mid-cap companies.

He holds a B.S. in Finance from Oklahoma State University and a J.D. from the University of Michigan.  He is also a CPA.